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biennale interieur 2016

25th Silver Edition
14-23 October - Kortrijk, Belgium

MALAFOR will present their new products at the stand during this year's fair in Kortrijk. They are launching a collection of "Board to board" tables.

The collection consists of tables with various sizes.
What inspired us, the designers, while creating this
collection was cocreation of furniture along with the
The tables allow the user to create the countertop
according to his/her needs.
The table top is made from individual boards, which are
connected to each other with magnets. As a result, each
board can change its position and the user can decide
about the colors of the countertop and they can be
changed in the future!
1. The customer selects a package of boards. Package of boards contains 3 boards with different widths: 15cm, 10cm and 5cm.
   The packages boards are themed:
          - Package of boards in various colors and different kind of wood.
          - Historical  package- with older planks and
          the recycled ones, sometimes from the
          interestic historical places, for example 100
          years old oak from wine casks.
2. The user arranges the counter according to his or her concept and packages of boards.
3. The user enjoys the possibility of changing the look of the table according to his or her mood or desire to match the coloring of the countertop to the changing interior of the apartment.
Table is a piece of furniture which remains in use in
homes for years and even for generations. The possibility
of creating the countertop guarantees the owner  that the
table will remain an forever-young element of the
interior it completes.
Tables made of solid wood are eternal.

biennale interieur 2016
biennale interieur 2016
biennale interieur 2016
biennale interieur 2016
biennale interieur 2016